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Hypnotic Sales and Management Techniques and How to Sidestep Them

Salespeople, administrators and managers routinely take workshops where they learn neuro-linguistic programming techniques that trigger trust and compliance in their customers and co-workers. The purpose of this blog is to give you methods that you can use to stand your ground (without seeming to be in any way oppositional) when you are confronted with the aforementioned techniques. Following the fictional example below will be three combinations of methods that you can use to sidestep the specific sales and management techniques covered in the example.

How People Unconsciously Hypnotize Family Members and Friends

When a friend tells us something like,"Boy, Jason and Jessica really know how to push my buttons," many of us know all to well how it feels to be in our friend's position. And, if we are highly sensitive people and our button pushers are expert technicians, our inner control panels may be consistently flashing as brightly and variously as that of a commercial jet in flight mode.